Sandra Brewster is a Canadian multi-disciplinary artist based in Toronto. Her work has been exhibited nationally and abroad, engaging many themes that grapple with notions of identity, representation and memory.  Sandra is a recipient of grants from the Toronto, Ontario and Canada art councils and her work has been cited and reviewed in numerous publications. Sandra holds a BFA from York University and a Masters of Visual Studies degree from University of Toronto.




1997 B.F.A., York University, Toronto  

2017 M.V.S., University of Toronto

O N E   P E R S O N   E X H I B I T I O N S

2017 It’s all a blur, CONTACT Festival, Georgia Scherman Projects 

2017 A Trace | Evidence of time past, Masters of Visual Studies thesis exhibition, Art Museum, UofT

2017 Assemblage, Never Apart Gallery, Montreal

2016 blur, The Franklin, Chicago

2015 From Life, Onyx Building, Toronto

Tree of Life: The Baobab, Forever Interiors, Toronto Design Offsite Festival, Toronto

2013 Mohammeds, Alice Yard, Port of Spain, Trinidad and Tobago

2011 Guyana Art, Runnymede Public Library, Toronto, ON

2010 Listen Installation, (curated by Suzanne Luke) Robert Langen Art Gallery, Waterloo, Ontario

2009 Guyana Art, A Space Gallery Windows, Toronto, Ontario

Face (for the run of Toronto the Good), Factory Theatre, Toronto, Ontario

2008 Strip, XEXE Gallery, Toronto, Ontario

2007 4 Series, Canadian Heritage, Toronto, Ontario

Teeter Totter, Bookends Window Installation (Mayworks Festival), Another Story Bookshop, Toronto, Ontario

Profile, XEXE Gallery, Toronto, Ontario

2006 OverTime (as part of bcurrent’s rock.paper.sistahz5 festival), The Trane Studio, Toronto, Ontario

2005 Taking Place, XEXE Gallery, Toronto, Ontario

Reflections on Cool, Latcham Gallery, Stouffville, Ontario

2004 Stance, XEXE Gallery, Toronto, Ontario

2003 Cool, Studio Show on Beatrice Street, Toronto, Ontario

2002 Cool Pose, Zsa Zsa, Toronto, Ontario


S E L E C T E D   G R O U P   E X H I B I T I O N S

2017 Position As Desired (curated by Kenneth Montague), Art Gallery of Windsor

2016 New Found Lands (curated by Pamela Edmonds), eastern Edge Gallery, St. Johns’s, Newfoundland

Enraged, Inertia ran off (curated by the Red Tree Collective), Hamilton

Un|Fixed Homeland (curated by Grace Aneiza Ali), Center for contemporary Art, Newark, New Jersey

Family Business, Arts Incubator, Chicago

The Mecca (curated by Ray McAuliffe), JCT Gallery, Toronto

2015 BASEMENT (curated by Carla Garnet), BIG on Bloor Festival, Toronto

Performing Blackness Performing Whiteness (curated by Darren Miller), Allegheny College Art Galleries, Meadville, Pennsylvania

2014 Addis Foto Fest National Museum of Ethiopia, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

2012 28 Days (curated by Pamela Edmonds and Sally Frater), Georgia Scherman Projects

2011 Serious Play (curated by Pamela Edmonds), SPACE, London, England

2010 (RE) Visions (with Camille Turner and Stephen Fakiyesi, curated by Sally Frater), The Print Studio, Hamilton, ON

2009 Fortune Tellers, (curated by Kimberly Mayhorn), FiveMyles, Brooklyn, NY

Summer Group Exhibition, XEXE Gallery, Toronto, ON

2008 Movement 08 (curated by Stephen Fakiyesi), The Production House, Etobicoke, Ontario

lVI salón de debujo de santo domingo, Museoo de Arte Moderno, Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

2007 Art House Affair, (curated by Stephen Fakiyesi), The Production House, Etobicoke, Ontario

Alter To (curated by Amelia Jimenez), Gallery 1313, Toronto, Ontario

Fleeting Face (curated by Teresa Ascencao), A Space Gallery, Toronto, Ontario

Square Foot, AWOL Gallery, Toronto, ON

Group of Six (as part of bcurrent’s rock.paper.sisthaz6 festival), Harlem Restaurant, Toronto, Ontario

2006 Perspectives (curated by Julie Crooks), National Film Board of Canada, Toronto, Ontario

2005 10, Trane Studio & Lounge, Toronto, Ontario

The Hero Project (with Grace Channer and Camille Turner, curated by Natalie Wood), Women’s Art Resource Centre, Toronto, Ontario

2004 Something for Everyone, XEXE Gallery, Toronto, Ontario

2003 Square Foot, AWOL Gallery, Toronto, Ontario

The Michael Jackson Project, Zsa Zsa, Toronto, Ontario

2002 Untitled, A Space Windows (with John Abrams), Toronto, Ontario

The Last Stop, St. Norbert Arts Centre, St. Norbert, Manitoba

Black History Month Open Juried Exhibition, Kathleen Gormley McKay Art Centre, Unionville, Ontario

Through My Eyes, Through My Spirit (curated by Starr Jacobs), Spadina Historic House and Gardens, Toronto, Ontario

Human Rights Through Art Exhibit, City Hall and other venues throughout Toronto, Scarborough and Brampton, Ontario

2001 Bantu Art Association Exhibition, Victory Café, Toronto, Ontario

Thupelo, South African National Gallery, Cape Town, South Africa

Close-Cropped, Community Arts Project, Cape Town, South Africa

1999 Open Juried Exhibition A Day in the Life…, The Latcham Gallery, Stouffville, Ontario

Countdown to the Millennium – Society of Canadian Artists’ 32nd Annual Open

Juried Exhibition, John B. Aird Gallery, Toronto, Ontario

Justice, Osgoode Hall, Toronto, Ontario

SCA New Members Exhibition, Sherway Gardens, Toronto, Ontario

I Am, Simcoe Gallery, Toronto, Ontario

1998 Solidarity, Black Paint Studio, Toronto, Ontario

1997 Rememory, A Different Booklist, Toronto, Ontario



2017-18 Instituto Sacatar, Itaparica, Bahia, Brazil

2013 Alice Yard, Port of Spain, Trinidad and Tobago

2002 The Last Stop, St. Norbert Art Centre, St. Norbert, Manitoba

2000 Thupelo, South African National Gallery, Cape Town, South Africa


A R T S   E D U C A T O R  / C O M M U N I T Y   A R T

2009-2016 Program Coordinator, Sketch: working arts for street involved and homeless youth, Toronto, Ontario

2010 Visual Art Facilitator, This Is My Neighbourhood, Birch Cliff Heights P.S., Toronto, Ontario (Exhibited at the Art Gallery of Ontario, Arts Etobicoke Gallery)

Visual Art Facilitator, Symbols of Us – Black History Month, Beverly Heights M.S., Toronto, Ontario (Art work produced was exhibited at TDSB Head Office.)

Visual Art Facilitator, Image Transfer Workshop, Africentric School, Toronto, Ontario

2009 Visual Art Facilitator, Medina Project, Brookview Middle School, Toronto, Ontario

2008 Portrait Workshop Facilitator, Sketch: working arts for street involved and homeless youth, Toronto

2007 Workshop Facilitator, Hoarding Project-Children’s Workshop/Mural Development, Art Gallery of Ontario, Toronto

2006 Visual Art Youth Workshop Facilitator, Boys and Girls Club, Toronto

2000 Visual Arts Facilitator, Peace Project, Zwelethemba Township, Cape Town, South Africa


J U R I E S / C O M M I T T E E S

2016 Board of Directors, Gallery 44, Toronto

Advisory Committee, Art Gallery of York University, Toronto

Jury Member, 8Fest, Toronto

Jury Member, Visual Arts Projects, Ontario Arts Council

2014 Curatorial Advisory committee, Artscape Youngplace, Toronto

2013 Jury Member, Artist in the Community/Workplace, Ontario Arts Council

2009 Jury Member, Visual Arts, Canada Council for the Arts

2008 Programming Committee Member, Regent Park Film Festival, Toronto, 

Jury Member, Delisle Youth Gallery, Toronto

2006 Jury Member, Visual Arts, Mid Career, Ontario Arts Council

Programming Committee, A Space Gallery, Toronto

2004 Jury Member, Visual Arts, Emerging, Toronto Arts Council

2002-2005 Board of Directors, A Space Gallery, Toronto



2014 Open House, An exhibition of works by Toronto based artists working in visual media, A House on Symington Avenue, Toronto, ON

Exposed 2014: Deciding Centre, Nia Centre of the Arts, 918 Bathurst, Toronto, Ontario

2013 Open House, An exhibition of works by Toronto based artists working in visual media, A House on Symington Avenue, Toronto, ON

2012 Open House, An exhibition of works by 14 artists living in West Toronto, A House on Symington Avenue, Toronto

MultiArt (as part of bcurrent’s rock paper sistahz #11 festival), Wychwood Barns, Toronto, Ontario

2009-present Market/Gallery Coordinator, Sketch: working arts for street involved and homeless youth, Toronto, Ontario

2008 HANDS ON (Co-curator with Amelia Jiménez), , Gallery 1313, Toronto, Ontario

2007 Group of Six (as part of bcurrent’s rock.paper.sisthaz6 festival), Harlem Restaurant, Toronto, Ontario

2003 On the Cusp (Co-curator with Ron Edding and Amelia Jimenez), A Space Gallery, Toronto, Ontario


A R T I S T   T A L K S / P A N E L S

2017 Position As Desired, Art Gallery of Windsor

2016 Perspectives oon the House museum (with Greg Tate and Mabel O. Wilson), Art Gallery of Ontario

Geography and Planning Speakers Series, University of Toronto

2014 Luminous Bodies, Thematic Art Residency, Gibraltar Point Centre for the Arts, Toronto

A State of Blackness, Toronto, Ontario

2013 Alice Yard, Port of Spain, Trinidad and Tobago

2011 Position As Desired: A Symposiuum on Artistic Practice and African Diasporic Communities in Canada, ROM, Toronto

2010 Wilfred Laurier University (as part of the “Listen Installation” at Robert Langen Art Gallery), Waterloo, Ontario

(Re) Visions, The Print Studio, Hamilton, ON

2009 STRIP – A Visual Response to Gun Violence, Black History Conference for Teens, University of Toronto, Mississauga

2008 Involve Youth Art Expo, Science Centre, Toronto, Ontario

2007 Delisle Youth Gallery, Toronto, Ontario

2006 With SEENCollective, A Space Gallery, Toronto, Ontario

Black Women Speak, Victoria Park S.S., L’Amoreaux C.I., Toronto, Ontario

Delisle Youth Gallery, Toronto, Ontario

Perspectives, National Film Board of Canada, Toronto, Ontario

2005 Albion Heights Public School, Girls Group, Etobicoke, Ontario

Working Within Collectives (with SEENCollective), Shift Gallery, Toronto, Ontario

10 for 10, Trane (with SEEN Collective) Studio, Toronto, Ontario

2004 Breaking Barriers, Emery Collegiate Institute, Toronto, Ontario

2003 Self Perception Through Art, Central Technical Highschool, Toronto, Ontario

2002 Member’s Talk, A Space Gallery, Toronto, Ontario



2002-2013 Production grants from the Toronto and Ontario Arts Councils, and The Canada Council for the Arts.

2009 Ontario Arts Council – Artist in Education

Exhibition Assistance Grant, Ontario Arts Council




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2007 The Walrus, We Want a Black Poem (article by Austin Clarke), March 2007, pg. 65.

Book Cover, Rebirth of the Warrior Poet by Osaze Dolabaille.

2006 Book Cover, BEATDOWN: Three Plays by Joseph Jomo Pierre, Playwrights Canada Press, July 2006.

Chimurenga 9: Conversations in Luanda and Other Graphic Stories, When You Kill Us, We Rule, Chimurenga 9, 2006.

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Making Waves, On the Cover, Summer, 2002, Vol. 2:4, cover, pg. 2, back cover.


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