I’m very attracted to the galvanized steel walls I see everywhere.  Galvanizing refers to the process of coating steel with zinc to deter rust. These pictures are from various days walking through Port of Spain. This material is also being used indoors in all sorts of ways, as in the modern designs of homes – the updating of bathrooms as there is a pleasure found in the sound of water hitting it.

I like the texture and repetitiveness of its surface pattern and the apparent roughness as paint or additional pieces are added on. A couple of the images in the album are not of these walls but of other surfaces that I’ve been drawn to because of colour, combinations of patterns and surface material like tile.


Playing in the yard…

I’m literally playing in the yard… with elements that make up the Smiths and now the Mohammeds. I’m finding that my time here, folks I’m meeting, stories shared, and the places I visit are inspiring ideas and ways of seeing. A very challenging experience that also allows time to explore.

Among the work in these images are wall sketches, drawings from images I took of people walking through Independence Square and “Accountability”, a piece by designer Marlon Darbeau that I found in the Yard and decided to cover with the Mohammeds (I hope he doesn’t mind). Richard Mark Rawlin‘s work hangs on the walls over the bed where I sleep, so I’ve started to have some fun there too. So, a couple of collaborations unbeknownst to them.

Alice Yard – busy in POS | 2013 | Uncategorized