Exhibition and talk...

On April 4th I gave a talk and exhibited the work I produced during my time at Alice Yard.   The following images show the exhibition evenings April 4th and 5th.  Some pictures were taken by Rodell Warner.


Panels that were first exhibited during Verse to Converse hung at the entrance.


In the room where I was staying I placed furniture pieces covered with Mohammeds.  I had also drawn and painted on the walls. Artist “collaborators” included Marlon Darbeau (the Accountability piece) and Richard Rawlins (the bench and wall).


I found this cage in the Yard and secured some of my stencils inside that cast a shadow on the wall.


The Mohammeds, cut out of aluminum were placed throughout the Yard, travelling out of the gallery space of the wall mural.  These images were taken from the two evenings.  The aluminum stands, all gathered in the room at the end of the evening contributed to an interesting room installation.  Experimenting with light was important to the experience.


The studio turned into an exhibition space for my drawings and a presentation space for my talk.

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