The Moiwana Monument

Marcel Pinas created this monument as a memorial to the victims of the 1986 Moiwana Masacre, Marowjne, Suriname.  On our way back from French Guiana we stopped and walked through this monument that soared above us.  Each tablet represents one of the over 30 victims, their names carved on the front.

For more information on The Moiwana Monument I found this link.  Just click the translate button.


Art throughout Moengo

These are some of the work produced by artists who did residencies in Moengo.


kibir a kulturu… kibii wi koni

These are some images of work by Marcel Pinas. My trip to Moengo ended with a peak inside his exhibition space.  All of his work maintains his focus to “preserve the culture, preserve our knowledge”.  The culture and knowledge of the Maroons, he being a descendant, is the core of all is work.


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